3.8-in Pair High Power Titanium Bullet Tweeters with Crossover
Manufacturer: DEEJAY LED
Availability: 340 in stock

* Matched pair of high frequency titanium bullet tweeters ideal for home speakers or mobile use
* Gray diecast aluminum.
* 1.0-in High Temp.
Kapton Voice Coil
* 7.8 Oz Magnet structure
* 4 Ohm Impedance
* Sensitivity: 94 dB
* Freq.
Resp.: 2500-22 Khz
* Requires crossover, included
* Outer diameter: 3.8-in
* Distance between hole centers directly across: 83mm
* Distance between adjoining hole centers: 58.8mm
* Required minimum mounting hole diameter: 74mm.
* Minimum mounting depth: 42mm
* Outer flange: 11mm
* Package Dimensions: 10-in x 5.11-in x 2.27-in
* 400 Watts Peak Power.

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