T Shaped Adapter For Truss Using Crank Stand Model TBHCRANK4
Manufacturer: DEEJAY LED
Availability: Out of stock

Used to support various lighting truss components and affords fast removal and attachment.
* Fits only larger speaker mounts or crank stand model TBHCRANK4
* Will support 12-in Standard Truss
* Inner diameter of the downward facing pole mount is about 45mm.
* Maximum inside width between top clamp U segment edges is about 56mm.
* Maximum distance between top U segment centers is about 19-in, minimum is about 8-in.
* U segments have spring clamp safety pins
* Square bar width is about 40mm, height about 80mm
* Bar width is about 630mm which includes plastic end caps
* Square or triangle truss lighting stand adapter includes three adjustable turn knobs.

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