Fly Drive Case For Presonus StudioLive CS18 AI Mixing Console Or Any Equal Size Format Mixing Consoles
Manufacturer: DEEJAY LED
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* Engineered to Hold One Presonus StudioLive CS18 AI Mixing Console.
* Complete with Removable Cover with Glued Foam Pieces Strategically Placed to Secure your Mixer.
* Top Quality Bottom Rubber Feet with Heavy Duty Bolts & Recessed T-Nuts.
* Industrial Grade Recessed Spring Loaded Split Dish Butterfly Closure Latches with Padlock Tab with a Shackle Opening of about 7mm.
* Heavy Duty Ball Corners w/ Stacking Dimple On Bottom Side Allows for Centering and Stability when Stacking Multiple Units.
* ATA-300 Style Durable Transport Case is a Heavy Duty Professional Style With Industry Recognized Impact Standards Ideal for Safe Travel.
* Well Riveted Heavy Duty Double Edge Tongue and Groove Impact Resistant Aluminum Frame
* Electronics Equipment Shown, Described or Referenced is not Included with the Case, the Item is a Case Which Allows you to Use, Mount or Transport your Own Equipment.

For Reference the Dimensions of the Presonus StudioLive CS18 AI Mixing Console is as follows:
Length: 22.35-in (58.6 cm), Width: (chassis only) 17.22-in (43.74 cm), Maximum Height: 6.9-in (17.53 cm), Weight: 23 lbs.
(10.43 kg)

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