Recessed Industrial Grade Bi-Position Spring Loaded Butterfly Latch with Padlock Tab used in Case Construction
Manufacturer: DEEJAY LED
Availability: 30 in stock

The use of this heavy duty butterfly latch allows you to secure two sides of a compartment or shipping box and pull them together.
Once joined this particular design allows you to then attach a padlock for additional security (padlock not included).
It is commonly used for equipment travel cases for professionals on the road, ship or plane.
* Industrial Grade Recessed Spring Loaded Split Dish Butterfly Closure Latch
* Padlock Tab with a Shackle Opening of about 7mm.
* Chrome Plated 14 Gauge Steel
* Ideal for Quality Case Construction
* Complete With Five Rivet Anchor Construction Per Side
Shipping Box Dimensions: 6-in x 9-in x 3-in
Product Dimensions: 4.25-in Closed Width x 4- 1/16-in Height x 1/2-in Recessed Depth x 3/4 Closed Depth x 1-3/4-in Maximum Depth w/Open Butterfly
Product Shipping Weight: 1 lbs
Product Unpackaged Weight: .55 lbs

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