13-1/2-in PA Megaphone w/Hanging Mic, SD Card Play, Aux Input, USB Input, Siren, Recorder.
Manufacturer: DEEJAY LED
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This megaphone is ideal for announcements and rallies with a variety of features and effects all in one.
This unit records up to 120 seconds of audio for loop playback.
The unit includes three sound effects: Siren, Whistler and Hoot.
This unit plays music files prerecoded onto a USB flash drive or SD memory card.
It will also output audio from using it's 3.5mm Aux Input such as from a cellphone headphone connection.
It will recognize files of the following type: MP3, WMA and WAV media audio.
* Extendable microphone/digital combo controller head to a length of more than four feet.
* 50 Watt Output Max.
* LED status Indicator lights.
* Battery life: from 8-10 hours approximately.
* Usable clear distance about the length of a football field.
* Can be heard for up to a kilometer distance.
* About a 9-in diameter horn.
* O-ring sealed quality construction.
* Weather resiatant plastic outer housing.
* Uses eight C-Cell Batteries.
(not included)
* Works with model: PYRAMID PSV6K 12 Volt DC adapter.
(not included)
* Will accept rechargable batteries for recharging using optional power supply.

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