Fly Drive Case 10u Space Slant Mixer Rack / 14u Space Vertical Rack System with Full AC Door & Caster Board
Manufacturer: DEEJAY LED
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Engineered to hold a 10u size slant mixer with 14u vertical arrangement of DJ rack components.
* Complete with removable top & front covers.
* Large rear detachable accessory door with integrated pre-cut accessory hole with cover.
* Heavy duty pre-tapped rack rails with mounting hardware.
* 3.5-inch durable & noiseless casters to provide convenient mobility.
(Two locking).
* Industrial grade recessed spring loaded split dish butterfly closure latches with padlock tab with a shackle opening of about 7mm.
* Heavy duty ball corners w/ stacking dimple on bottom side allows for centering and stability when stacking multiple units.
* ATA-300 style durable transport case is a heavy duty professional style with industry recognized impact standards ideal for safe travel.
* Well riveted heavy duty double edge tongue and groove impact resistant aluminum frame.
* Four integrated spring loaded recessed heavy duty carry handles.
* Crome steel bolts and hardware with heavy duty washered rivets.
* Electronics equipment shown, described or referenced is not included with the case, the item is a case which allows you to use, mount or transport your own equipment.
* 4-in Clearance front cover to rail
Unpackaged Dimensions: 22-in x 24-in x 36-in
Shipping Box Dimensions: 25.61-in x 22.85-in x 37.82
Product Shipping Weight: 83.38 lbs
Product Unpackaged Weight: 81.57 lbs

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