18-in High Power Multifuntion Powered Subwoofer w/Phase Reversal Switch XRL Inputs and Outputs
Manufacturer: DEEJAY LED
Availability: 16 in stock

* Large 18-in high power subwoofer for deep penetrating bass compliment to your performances.
* Built-in amplifier fills any venue with ground-pounding bass.
* 1 3/8-in (35mm) top side pole mount hole flange.
Ideal for optional high frequency speaker compliment.
* Dual XRL 3-Pin inputs and pass through dual XRL 3-Pin outputs.
* Dual XRL 3-Pin matched high level outputs.
* 180 degree Phase Reversal Switch.
* Power control switch on rear side.
* Subwoofer bass level control.
* Input sensitivity adjustment.
* Standard PC style connection cord.
* Multi voltage capability 110 Volts AC and 220 Volts switchable.
* Overload and over voltage protection circuits.
* Temperature overload protection with built-in rear side cooling fan.
* Rear side Protect, Signal, Limit and Power diagnostic indicator lights.
* Two heavy duty side carry handles.
* Bottom side rubber feet.
* Heavy duty epoxy paint case.
* Steel front grill.
* Dimsnsions: 21 3/4-in Depth x 19 7/8-in Width x 26 3/16-in Height
* Display Box Package: 24 3/4-in x 23 3/8-in x 28.5-in Height

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