Fly Drive Case For Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 Controller w/sliding laptop shelf w/Wheels BLACK Color
Manufacturer: DEEJAY LED
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* Custom designed safe travel case designed to hold an item of exact dimensions.
* Case has bottom wheels to help in transportation.
* Three chrome plated heavy duty spring loaded retractable carry handles.
* 9mm thick laminated plywood for optimal protection.
* ATA-300 type durable transport case is a heavy duty professional style with industry recognized impact standards ideal for safe travel.
* Heavy duty chrome plated ball corners w/ stacking dimple on bottom side allows for centering and stability when stacking multiple units.
* Rear side cable port for convenient optional cable access.
* Four Industrial grade recessed spring loaded split dish butterfly closure latches w/padlock tab having shackle opening of about 7 mm.
* Includes a removable accessory door.
* Includes a removable top.
* The maximum case interior width is: 710 mm.
* The maximum case interior depth is: 456 mm.
* The maximum case interior height is: 168 mm.
* The case exterior width is: 31.75-in.
* The case exterior depth is: 19.5-in.
* The case exterior height is: 11 1/8-in.
including corners.
* Includes bottom rubber feet.
* Laptop shelf to provide convenient use of laptop PC or other equipment.
(The maximum internal dimensions are to give a general idea of space within the case.
These cases may have specific designs using included foam inserts.
Removing the inserts may alter the protection and should not be done without extreme care.
* Electronics equipment shown, described or referenced is not included with the case, the item is a case that allows you to use, mount or transport your own equipment.
* The boxed width of this product is: 20.87 inches.
* The boxed depth of this product is: 32.48 inches.
* The boxed height of this product is: 10.43 inches.
(dimensions and orientation is approximate).

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