Car rear view replacement camera with adjustable angle mounting bracket ideal for parallel or down facing installations
Manufacturer: DEEJAY LED
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If you have a Video display or plan on installing one in your car truck or van, you may now integrate a live video feed direct from the Deejay LED rear view video camera.
The output of this camera connects to the standard video feed inputs of vehicular monitors with rear view capability.
A more than ample picture helps you visualize areas for reverse motion of your vehicle to enhance safety.
* 19 feet of power and video cables included.
* Park assist display bars in image.
* TV system: PAL/NTSC.
* Resolution(TV Lines): 420.
* IP rating: IP67.
* Lens Angle: Variable.
* Lens Field of View Angle: 170 Degrees.
* Power supply: 12VDC.
* Utilizes RCA Video connector and standard 5.36mm Power Plug.
* Requires Cables.
* Minimum illumination: 0.2 Lux/F1.8.
* Cable requires a 13mm hole for wire routing.
* Enclosed Camera Dimensions: Width: 24mm, Depth 23 mm, Height 24mm.
* Mounted dimensions: Width: 40mm, Height: 32mm.
* Video Output connector: RCA Standard, 1.0 volts peak to peak, 75 ohms
* Electronic Shutter: 1/60 9NTSC) / 1/50 (PAL); 1/10000s
* Operating temperature: -20 Degrees C to 75 Degrees C RH95% Max.
* Storage temperature: -30 Degrees C to 85 Degrees C RH95% Max.

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