Universal Fly Drive Case For Very Large Size DJ Controllers w/Wheels
Manufacturer: DEEJAY LED
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* Engineered to hold Very Large Size DJ Controllers such as those listed below.
* Complete with removable cover that will stack beneath the unit.
* Three chrome plated heavy duty spring loaded retractable carry handles.
* Low profile wheels for easy transportation simply using the end side handle.
* Detachable front and rear door for ease of use.
* Includes an assortment of adjustable foam sections.
* Four Industrial grade recessed spring loaded split dish butterfly closure latches with padlock tab with a shackle opening of about 7mm.
* Heavy duty ball corners w/ stacking dimple on bottom side allows for centering and stability.
* Ata-300 style durable transport case is a heavy duty professional style with industry recognized impact standards ideal for safe travel.
* Well riveted heavy duty double edge tongue and groove impact resistant aluminum frame.
* Electronics equipment shown, described or referenced is not included with the case, the item is a case which allows you to use, mount or transport your own equipment.
* Akai Advance 49, Dimensions: 3.48-in H x 29.52-in W.
x 11.52-in D
* Akai Advance 61, Dimensions:3.48-in H x 36-in W x 11.52-in D
* Akai MAX 49 Dimensions:: 29-in W x 12.5-in D x 3-in H [741 mm x 322 mm x 80 mm ]
* Akai MPK2 49 Dimensions: 29-in x 12.25-in x 3.38
* Novation UltraNova Dimensions: 725 mm (28.54-in ) Lx 374 mm (14.72-in ) D x 152 mm (5.98-in ) H
* Novation Xio 49, Dimensions: 798 x 68 x 190 ( mm ) w x h x d
* Roland GAIA SH-01, Dimensions: 689 mm L x 317 mm D x 100 mm H
* Roland SH-2
* Pioneer DDJ-RZ
* Pioneer DDJ-SZ
* Pioneer DDJ-SZ-N
and much more!

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