8-in Diameter Slim Application Woofer w/ high strength Ferrite Magnet 4-Ohms
Manufacturer: DEEJAY LED
Availability: 452 in stock

A speaker that is ideal for narrow depth applications where a 8-in speaker would not normally fit.
* Frequency response: 50hz to 3500 hz.
* 30 oz Ferrite magnet.
* Sensitivity: 90db.
* Cloth double rolled edge paper cone.
* Total outer diameter 8.25-in.
* Minimum mounting depth 2.48-in.
* Edge lip: .58-in.
* 7.09-in Mounting hole.
* Box dimensions: 8.5-in x 8.5-in x 3.13-in.
* 360 Watts Rated power with 600 Watt peak power rating.
* Stamped steel basket.
* Eight mounting holes.

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