7-In midrange speaker ideal for home speakers or car w/Sealed back 8-Ohms
Manufacturer: DEEJAY LED
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Specially constructed for supurb middle range sound speaker that is ideally complimented by a woofer and tweeter.
* Black steel stamped basket.
* Sealed back.
* 98dB Sensitivity.
* 100 Watts rated.
* Frequency response: 440-7khz
* 1.5-in high temp kapstan voice coil
* Black pressed paper cone up to edge.
* Minimum mounting hole diameter: 5.8-in
* Outer diameter: 7-in
* Distance between hole centers directly across: 6.5-in
* Distance between hole centers adjoining: 4.7-in
* Minimum mounting depth: 2.7-in
* Outer flange 16.6mm
* Magnet diameter: 100mm.
* Crossover recommended (not included).

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