4 Pin Female Bayonet Style Quick Release Type Connector used on Chuchera Boxes
Manufacturer: DEEJAY LED
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* 4 Pin Bayonet Style Quick Release Type Receptacle Connector used on Chuchera Boxes or Panels.
* This quick release receptacle allows the connection of up to eight conductors in a non-shorting configuration.
* Reliable twist auto-locking and pressure release operation when used with the correct plug.
* Ideal for portable speakers which are often removed from the wiring system.
* Can also be used for stage or film location equipment for rapid release.
* Mates to the Deejay Model: TBH4PINMALE sold separately.
* Also compatible with industry standard DJ style Multi-conductor plugs.
* Reliable tab type presssure interconnects solder or small push on connectors; width at 4.62mm
* Current rated at 30 Amps and 250 Volts.
* Contact resistence: <= 10 mega Ohms
* Isolation resistence: >= 2 giga ohms
* 21MM outer round section diameter
* 30mm diagonal distance between 2 holes
* Rectangle measures 31mm x 25mm

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