Fly Drive Case Accessory-1u Space Rack Panel with Air Vent Face
Manufacturer: DEEJAY LED
Availability: 60 in stock

Helps fill empty rack space while maintaining rigidity and air flow
* Complete with Heat Dissipation Vent Pattern
* Heavy Duty Black Colored Metal Board
* Engineered to Exact Specifications to Help Ensure Precise Fit
* 18 3/8-in Holes to center horizontal, 1 1/4-in holes to center vertical
* 19-in x 1 3/4-in x 3/8-in
* Durable Machined Steel

Shipping Box Dimensions: 7.88-in x 2.17-in x 21.08
Product Shipping Weight: .1 lbs
Product Unpackaged Weight: .5 lbs

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