Fly Drive Case For One 42-in LED Television or Monitor or Similarly Sized Equipment w/Wheels
Manufacturer: DEEJAY LED
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* Engineered to Hold One 42 Inch LED or Plasma Display with Caster Board.
* Complete with Removable Foam Lining that Allows For Many Storage Alternatives
* Custom Cut Thick Foam Designed to Help Ensure Maximum Protection for your LED /Plasma Display while in Transit
* Adjustable Section Board Allows for More Storage Options
* Electronics equipment safe travel case designed for touring.
* Chrome plated heavy duty spring loaded retractable carry handles.
* ATA-300 type durable transport case is a heavy duty professional style with industry recognized impact standards ideal for safe travel.
* 3.5" durable and noiseless casters for ease of transportation
* 3/8" thick ABS molded for tough durable interior and exterior.
* Heavy duty chrome plated ball corners w/ stacking dimple on bottom side allows for centering and stability when stacking multiple units.
* Industrial grade recessed spring loaded split dish butterfly closure latches with padlock tab with a shackle opening of about 7mm.
* Heavy duty chrome plated ball corners allow for optimal transport edge protection.
* Includes extra foam cushioning material.
* Includes hook loop tape for convenience.
* Well Riveted Heavy Duty Double Edge Tongue and Groove Impact Resistant Aluminum Frame
* Electronics Equipment Shown, Described or Referenced is not Included with the Case, the Item is a Case Which Allows you to Use, Mount or Transport your Own Equipment.
Unpackaged Dimensions: 49.61-in x 32.48-in x 15.55-in
Shipping Box Dimensions: 33.29-in x 15.56-in x 50.24-in
Unpackaged Weight: 100.97 Lbs
Packaged Weight: 105.82 Lbs

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