Auto Amplifier Installation Kit with #0-AWG Copper Main Power Cables, Competition Class RCA Cables, Fuse Holder And More
Manufacturer: DEEJAY LED
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Complete kit with many important parts for installing high powered amplifiers in your car or truck.
* 17-Ft.
#0-AWG Ultra-Flex Premium Quality Copper Red Power Wire
* 3-Ft.
#0-AWG Ultra-Flex Premium Quality Copper Black Ground Wire
* 17-Ft.
#12-AWG Two Color Speaker Wire
* 17-Ft.
Competition Class RCA Cables w/Black Abrasion Resistant Braided Sheath
* RCA Plugs have Performance Quality Solid Metal Jacket
* 17-Ft.
#18-AWG AMP.
Turn-on Wire
* ANL Fuse Holder
* 200 AMP ANL Fuse
* 3-Ft.
Split Loom
* Two #0-AWG Ring Terminals
* Two #0-AWG Spade Terminals
* Four #16-AWG Spade Terminals
* Ring and Spade Insulators
* Ten 3-in Wire Ties

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