0-Gauge 50 Foot Red Aluminum Copper Cable
Manufacturer: DEEJAY LED
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* Zero gauge thick type power cable for heavy current usage.
* 50 foot length on spool.
* Stranded wire style with thick red outer jacket.
* General purpose heavy duty power cable for wiring auxiliary batteries or main lines for high power amplifiers or multiple car power amplifiers.
* Jacket Color: RED
* Usage: All Purpose Vehicular
* Conductor Material: CCA Copper Clad Aluminum
* Class: 10A-Nominal; Volume 10% copper, annealed.
* Wire Gauge: 0 AWG
* Average Strand Density: 3038 Strands x 0.15 Millimeters
* Strand Makeup: 7 x 7 x 62 x 0.15 Millimeters
* Outer Jacket Diameter: 15.5 Millimeters
* Insulation Thickness: 1.80 Millimeters
* Insulation Material: Flexible Frosted PVC
* Wire Holder: Plastic Spool With Deejay LED Design
* Working Temperature: Minus 40 Degrees to 80 Degrees C

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