Two 12in Woofers plus Two Tweeters and One Horn YELLOW VINYL Empty Chuchera Speaker Enclosure
Manufacturer: DEEJAY LED
Availability: 45 in stock

* Empty speaker housing for two 12-in woofers and two tweeters and one horn
* Three sealed chambers with two quad ports one for each woofer
* Center front plate is removable for added intital setup access
* Heavy duty carpet with quality embroidered stitched logo
* 12mm plywood heavy duty construction
* 7-in available speaker depth
* 9.125-in round openings for two 10-in woofers
* Two tweeter holes: 95mm diameter
* One 145mm opening for horn
* Includes the DEEJAY LED model 8 conductor quick release plug socket requires model TBH8PINMALE not included to use installed plug, or speakon 8 pin f plugs
* Dimensions: 36.42-in x 9.25-in x 14.76-in high

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