For 12-in Three Horn Two Tweeters Side Speaker Enclosure Yellow Vinyl cloth colored
Manufacturer: DEEJAY LED
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This is actually a box that accompanies a 12-in box.
(not included) or used separately.
It is designed to hold three standard size horns.
Although it can hold alternatively three 6.5 inch speakers with an approximate 5.7 inch mounting hole.
It is ideally suited also to hold sealed back midrange speakers of the same dimension.
Or maybe a combo of any mix of the above.
* 15mm plywood contruction with carpeted exterior w/Yellow Vinyl cloth colored
* Rear side comes unattached for rear side options
* Empty speaker housing for three horns and two tweeters
* Can also be used for three mid woofers and two tweeters
* Heavy duty carpet with quality embroidered stitched logo
* 95-mm (3.74-inches) round openings for two tweeters
* 14.5 cm (5.7-inches) round openings for three horns
* Includes the DEEJAY LED model 8 conductor quick release plug socket requires model TBH8PINMALE not included to use installed plug, or speakon 8 pin f plugs
* Dimensions: 33.46-in x 9.25-in x 9.05-in high

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