12-in Twin Empty Speaker Enclosure BLACK for two 12-in Woofers
Manufacturer: DEEJAY LED
Availability: 15 in stock

* Empty Speaker Housing for two 10-in Woofers and Two Tweeters
* Heavy Duty Carpet Exterior with Quality Embroidered Stitched Logo
* 11.13-in Diameter Holes for two 12-in Woofers
* Two Pre Cut 3.5-in Diameter Holes for Tweeters
* 4-Conductor Quick Release SpeakON Type Receptacle for Wire Connection
* 5/8-in MDF
* Dimensions:30.25-in x 14.75-in High x 7.25-in Deep
* About a 1/2-in Front Edge Lip
* Includes the DEEJAY LED model 4 conductor quick release plug socket REQUIRES MODEL TBH4PINMALE NOT INCLUDED

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