Case Warranty

Warranty Policy: DJ TECH will honor Brand New DJ TECH products purchased from all Authorized Dealers.

The entire line of case products from DEEJAY LED is covered against Manufacturer Defects for a period of 90 days.

Note: Warranty only applies to the original purchaser when purchased through an authorized DJ TECH dealer. For service issues please contact the place of purchase.

What the warranty does not cover: Product damaged by extreme weather conditions.

Cases are designed to last many years and have durable construction, generally though they are not designed to stay outdoors for extended periods in any weather.

Cases are laminated and have protection against brief moisture but are not designed to be immersed in water.

Improper use, falls or impacts of the case including aggressive treatment or other mishandling by airport personnel is not covered.

Cases are designed to take a great deal of abuse but the warranty does not cover damage that resulted from it.

Modifications that altered the usability and attempts to fix damage such as cracks and dents from parts replacement, modifications adhesives, bolts and paint are not covered.

Items that are normally expected to wear down such as moving parts, cushion foam, carpet, paint and finishes are not warrantied.

The least abuse the cases get the longer they will appear new.

Latches, hinges and wheels are subject to normal wear and may not be covered under the warranty.

For carpeted and ATA style panels and fold-out tables and stands:

Warping of the wood material is possible due to over exposure to heat or moisture or extreme pressure and is not covered under the warranty. Amplifiers and spot lights for example may get very hot, it is advised to separate them from the immediate table surface.

Discontinued products: No warranty on discontinued products.