Super Bass 15-inch Vented Empty Subwoofer Enclosure
Manufacturer: DEEJAY LED
Availability: 135 in stock

* Dual Central Tuned Ports w/Isolated Central Air Chamber
* Vented Design for Superior Bass Response
* Openings for two 15-in Woofers
* 1-in MDF Heavy Duty Construction (17mm measured)
* Heavy Duty Carpet with Quality Embroidered Stitched Logo
* Includes Two Sets of Side Terminals Gold Color
* Speakers angle out slightly away from each other.
* Width: 95.5cm x Height: 45 cm x Center Depth: 41cm x Edge Depth 37.5 cm
* Hole Depth: 30.5 cm
* Thickness measured: 17mm
* Hole Diameter: 35.3cm

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